Facials are as important to the skin as proper
dental care is to the teeth.

dh_pcos_S4The benefits of facials are numerous. Facials are proven to clean, detoxify and balance skin, minimize and refine pores, soften and improve skin texture, help to prevent the formation of wrinkles, retard the aging process, etc. Denise provides facials for acne as well.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true in skin care. Today, professionals understands that skin care is no longer considered a “feel-good” luxury.

Pumpkin Peel Facial
A facial with the pumpkin enzyme is added to enhance results. Helps to soften and refine facial lines while adding many nutrients into the skin. Extraction done. $75.00

European Deep Pore Cleansing
A deep cleansing treatment which includes steaming, a mild enzyme peel, the removal of clogged pores, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a custom mask.  $75.00

Mini Facials
This treatment includes a papaya enzyme while under wet steam. Removal of clogged pores and a custom mask.  $75.00

Just for Men Facials
Similar to the European facial with the use of exfoliators, essential oils and great tips on shaving.  $75.00

Beautiful Back
A wonderful treatment for your back with steam, removal of impurities and an herbal mask. $65.00

A crystal machine vacuums up dead skin layers and leaves your skin silky smooth. Extractions and mask included. $75.00

dh_quoteI have been a client of Denise Hurley for 23 years. I have facials and waxing monthly. She has also done some permanent cosmetics on me. I have always found her to be very knowledgeable. If I do what she tells me, I get results. She is a person of high integrity and professionalism. She has been in business (and has a thriving business) for nearly 30 years obviously a good business person. It is nice to have someone on whom I can rely.”

— 3/23/16 Paradise Valley, AZ